Welcome to Tony Redmond who joined us yesterday evening for the AFF course.
He has completed his ground school with Andy and already has four skydives done

Here we see Tony on level 1 of the AFF course.. push out on those legs 🙂

Andy and Paula were his teachers. As students on the aff course you pull a
little higher than is actually required. This means that the instructors
as experienced skydivers have some time left . Here we decided to do a little
freefly. Once you are more experienced you will be allowed to open your parachute
closer to the ground.

Peter Gould  originally from London but currently living in Switzerland
has joined us for an AFF course .

Denise Pichle also from England is getting ready for her first jump on the
AFF course.

Paul Sells too is in training today.

As is Craig Jones.

So welcome guys to the Freefall University. Im sure we will have awesome
week of skydiving here at hte Uni in Spain.

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