Erik and Martin Vika, Erik is a returning student from Norway, he brought  2
friends along this time, here is one of them ..  Martin after his level 1. 

Ellie Buckland getting ready for  Level 4. She  the AFF GS yesterday and is loving
the course. Her instructor is Mike.

Welcome to Stephanie and Richard, from Dublin who joins us to complete the
AFF Course.

Rhoddri and Steven after landing, Rhoddri graduated yesterday did 3 consols today,
and Steven just passed his level 6. Schweet!

Nathan Jones last day of jumping, AFF and 14 solos skydives in a week…nice.

Our student progression courses, that is to say training and licensing after you
have finished your AFF courses are becoming more integral in our daily life. Its
not unusual to see groups of student recieving training in more advanced subjects
such intermediate and advanced packing techniques, accuracy landings and

Joe from the UK , who graduated her AFF Course a few weeks agos is back for more
fun jumping..we are her home DZ ( thank you !) . Taking our intermediate skills
training course she logged a landing within 10 meters of a target selected before the

Stephanie Cade and Richard Duffy again in ground school. The first thing you
are introduced to in Ground school is generally speaking a parachute which you
get to take apart and  look at in detail as its operation and function is explained.

Bjorn and Martin level 4 next

Rhoddri…nice!  he did  his AFF in 2 days  and is now packing in the solos

Rhoddri and Joe boarding


Stephanie training.

Bjorn and Victor video

Kristian after another skydive

Rhoddri and Alex Buckland.  Our school we hope you find a very social place
to meet other people. There are always plenty of people going through AFF,
consolidation or advanced skydiving courses. We have a nice deck in front of
the bar overlooking the landing area… pretty soon we will be able to tell you
some pretty exciting things happening for us to make the social scene even

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