Thunderbirds are go… Ok Really thats probably over the younger folks heads lol but you get the idea. We been working pretty hard to make sure our clients have the holiday of a lifetime. We wont blow our own trumpet but its been a great deal of fun for us to take care of so many people and we believe they had a good time. Tom Britton from London is seen here getting ready for his accelerated freefall level one.


Andrew Doggett from London who is an IT Analyst and keen sportsman joined us to learn to skydive.

Josh as you know joined us to get some serious skydiving under his belt. Hes currently up to 40 skydives now with his A license completed. He is working on more advanced skydiving skills. You can check out his jump number 25 here.  Now hes just randomly saying to people ”  Do I have to go back to work? ” 

Carlo Tuzzi completed accelerated freefall with us last summer but came back this year for another skydiving holiday. His ambition is to get 15 or 20 skydives in the few days that he spends here with us.

Henrik who has been nailing the accuracy landing the in ” peas ” very consistantly. We have an experienced landing area and while our students are welcome to land in it. The lower experienced landing area ( adjacent with no obstacles or fences etc in between ) has a large circle of white sand  to aim for . Remember though take a walk over a low turn. In any event the landing area is 30km squared. Heinrik trained with us as a skydiving student earlier in the year and this marks his third holiday with us since graduating our accelerated freefall programme earlier in the year.

Currently ( enough said or ill be shot  ! ) We have 2 Turbo 34 porters rocking up to altitude in 13 minutes so despite peaking out at 184 tandems this past weekend it was all taken in our stride. We make this point on purpose , our team is focussed on getting you in the air as much as you want. We have a great flexibility in this regard and its a case of watch this space!

Its a but like waiting for a bus then two come along .. take your pick 🙂

Atmanauti girl has arrived ! Its like how many different ways can you exit and look all cool and stuff 🙂

We are in a continous process of improvement and one of the things we insisted on that made this years cut was getting a grassed landing area. This means as an experienced skydiver your canopy is not settling on dust reducing its porosity.

Clint from the UK who is a pilot decided it would be a good deal to swop flying aircraft for jumping out of them and that is exactly what he did and in style too !

Here he is pictured under a performance designs ” Navigator ” ,,  in our eyes the only parachute students should ever be given. Nice in the opening , forgiving in student hands
and a sweet “flare”. Flaring is what you do to ” slow ” your descent rate just before touching down.


Dominic Hodge  flew in from Africa to complete the AFF course with us also.  He said that skydiving was ” Fantastic, scary after  but 2 days of  training its  great once relaxed. ” .

The return of the cone heads…Listen fellas , nobody here is into the whole looking cool on the dropzone routine , so whilst you might think its all cool throwing shapes at the tandem passengers and trying to impress the students ( oh wait you are our students )  , being all manly and sky god like we really like to do our talking in the sky.

We have had a lot people come on our AFF courses in the last week and walking about you will always see something happening related to AFF , be in mentally running through a dive, like Fred here from Ireland who did his AFF course in two days of jumping.

Then theres the impromptu 3 and 4 ways we can help you put together especially if you come on your own.  Paula is the master when it comes to putting dives together on short notice.

Welcome to Azad Abdul, Koi Tao, Ricaard and Jason Mortier whi just arrived for
AFF Courses also, we will have more from these guys in the next update. The next weeks and months are wall to wall action at the Uni. So come on down to Madrid … We will give you wings!


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