Welcome back to Vidar and Kent from Norway (on the left) these guys
did their accelerated freefall course with us earlier this year. This is their
third visit to us in as many months. Its been great to be a part of their
training of course and especially their progression.
Congratulations to Arun Cardoza (on the right) for his AFF Graduation
this week.

The right stuff! Welcome to Steven Marlow who arrived yesterday evening
from the midlands in the UK to learn to skydive with us.  He did his ground
school this morning and this afternoon did his first accelerated freefall jump
He is pictured here just before the jump.

Adrian Daszkowski, thank you for your confidence in selecting us for your
freefly and wingsuit  coaching.  Adrian plans 200 coached jumps over the
next 2 months.

Arun , thats the ticket ! Add recently qualified skydiver and solo skydive
result =  Big Grin. Nice accuracy too under that ” Navigator ” parachute.

Craig Hiller.. rock on ..Seen here getting ready for his level 7 today
with Jane, lets see how it goes:-)

And that would be a a pass! Congratulations and welcome to the fabulous
world of skydiving.

Ellie, Ellie , Ellie , every time I turn around there you are .. Great to have
you back again for another skydiving holiday with us.. lets see how many
jumps you  can fit in this time!


Welcome to John McConville all the way  from ( lol its only 2 hours..
quicker than driving around the M1 !  )  London
who visits us to complete our accelerated freefall course.

Saul who joined us for a week to complete the AFF Course and a “few” solos
was last seen zooming past the 25 jump mark.  He completed Accelerated
freefall in 3 days of jumping and im pretty sure was using 2 rigs to get as many
solo jumps in as possible 🙂 Ah reminds me of myself when I started jumping
when all you wanted to do was get back up as soon as possible ! Actually
that has  not changed .. Skydiving ..you have to experience it to know why..

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